Success in School for Your Highly Sensitive Child

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Join me where you will learn...

  • Understanding how your child fits the highly sensitive personality trait
  • How the highly sensitive trait is presenting itself within your child in the school setting

What would be possible for your HSC...

If you had my PERSONAL HELP to finally advocate FULLY for your child’s needs at school …

If you had my step-by-step GUIDANCE to get every teacher on your side, and understanding that your child isn’t “broken” but just highly sensitive…

And if you knew EXACTLY:

  •   How to coolly and calmly communicate with their teachers, so there are no more reports of ‘bad behavior.’

  •   What to say when teachers or staff say your kiddo is being difficult, so you no longer feel like you’re constantly at war with the education system. 

  •   Why your child doesn’t need a full psych eval … And how to avoid the time-consuming, distressing process of being forced into getting one.

  •   The precise steps needed to help your child learn along with other kids, so they actually enjoy school, and get glowing feedback from every teacher…

  •   AND, how to do all this, even if right now the school simply doesn’t understand your kiddo’s specific needs.

If we worked TOGETHER to accomplish ALL of this…

How much of a difference would that make to your child’s life?

And how much of a difference would that make to YOUR life?

What about the difference to the rest of your family?


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Learn actionable tools for advocating for your child in the classroom.



Develop confidence in describing your child to school staff.



Gain the skills to become an equal member of your child's educational team. 


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From our Clients:
Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! I'm Megghan Thompson LCPC, RPT-S!

I help parents who are worried about managing their child’s explosive and out of control emotions to develop an individualized system to manage their kid’s explosive feelings when they don’t fit the examples in typical parenting books.

I've been a child mental health therapist and parent coach for over a decade. As a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S), I've worked with Highly Sensitive Children and Teens throughout my career. I've worked in public, private and non-profit school systems throughout my career.

I've taught parents, teachers and therapists on the concept of Sensory Processing Sensitivity (The Highly Sensitive personality trait) for over 10 years. As I've honed my specialty, I know exactly what works and what doesn't work for parents at home, and at school.

We have helped over 500 families out of the meltdown cycle through our signature parenting program, Parent Your Highly Sensitive Child Like a Ninja Bootcamp. I've worked in school systems supervising school staff and personally supporting sensitive children and teens in obtaining IEPs/504 Plans as a school team member and private practitioner, and have directly trained 100's of teachers, aides and administrators on the needs of HSCs. 

What's included with Elite Access:
  • Access to the private facebook group (Value $597)
  • Lifetime access to the Success in School for your HSC recording (Value $2997)- The recording of the live training will be made available for you with lifetime access!
  • Recording of Private Group Q+A with Megghan Thompson (Value $2000) - Hear parents receive live coaching from Megghan to gain deeper clarity on their HSCs school struggles!

Total Value: $5594

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Lead Your Child Effectively in School

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