The 5 Step Strategy My Clients Use to Eliminate Daily Meltdowns and Improve the Relationship with Their Highly Sensitive Child

(Without Coddling, Punishing or Spending Hours Talking About Feelings)

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Bring Back the Peace and Shut Down the Tension at Home! In This Masterclass You'll Learn…

  • The simple blueprint my clients are using to eliminate their Highly Sensitive Child's emotional outbursts without draining hours out of the day to process feelings and change behavior
  • Why punishments and giving in are the WRONG strategy for maintaining peace in your home...and what actually works
  • The secret to getting your child to talk about their feelings without spending years in therapy
  • How my clients stop walking on eggshells without setting their kid off every time they set a limit
  • How to stop a meltdown in its tracks without telling your kid to suck it up
  • How to improve the relationship with your child so that your child stops thinking they are a "bad kid" 
  • *This training is for you if you're certain your child does not have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

About Your Presenter

Megghan Thompson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor and Transformational Parent Coach who has specialized in working with Highly Sensitive Children and their parents for over fourteen years. She and her team have lifted over 700 families out of the meltdown cycle and she has served thousands throughout her clinical career. Growing up with a highly sensitive family member, she also has firsthand experience of the struggles families face when they don't understand the needs of Highly Sensitive Children. She and her husband have two children, one of which is a HSC.


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