The results demonstrated on this page are from committed parents who are willing to go above and beyond for their child's emotional well being. These are real clients who showed up like rockstars and did the work. No one was compensated for their testimonial.

I knew something in our family dynamic had to change, and that the changes needed were beyond the scope of my expertise. Coming off of a particularly challenging weekend with my son, the Bootcamp course popped up in my Facebook feed (I had already been following Megghan’s HSC group) and I decided it was a sign to take the leap. I knew I didn’t want things to get worse the walking on eggshells, rearranging my life to not upset my HSC, putting my daughter second to his needs, constantly justifying thing to my husband about our HSC, some self-esteem issues my little guy was experiencing… you name it… we needed help!
The course worked really well for our family and has changed the dynamic within the household. My son (9) is much more comfortable at home and not in constant defense mode and that translates into improving all other aspects of life. It’s notable that he is feeling validated by all of us (my husband included, who was having trouble relating to our HSC in a way that wasn’t just authority-driven, maybe that was the most profound change of all!) as a direct result of the Bootcamp, change of approach in my parenting style, my confidence in following Megghan Thompson’s approach, openly having hard conversations, etc. my husband (who loves our son very much but didn’t understand him) started to understand our HSC and accept him for who he is!).
All summer long I had the joy of updating Megghan with different small victories along the way. We were able to take a 2.5 week vacation this summer with lots of driving and being out of routine for a long period of time in close quarters! The trip this year was a true pleasure (instead of the nightmare family trip we took two years prior)! The relationship between siblings has improved and my overall level of anxiety has been significantly reduced because I don’t feel like I have to be at 100% readiness at 100% of the time (ready for what? Ready to diffuse time-bomb of a son who might explode! Or a spouse who might as a consequence of the son’s refusal of dinner, or a meltdown or a whatever).
Another HUGE change has been that my son is able to verbalize much better what’s going on in a situation and how he’s feeling about it. Previously he would just clam up and not say anything (or start hitting himself in the head). We haven’t entirely stopped meltdowns, but if they happen they are rare, and we generally can diffuse the situation much sooner, I think primarily because he’s feeling emotionally safer and his overall anxiety is reduced. I have started talking to teachers and others about my HSC in a different way that advocates for his strengths and frames his challenges in a helpful way. I still may use a label here and there, but it’s coming from a place of calm confidence and not defensiveness as I advocate for him. I feel like I could go on and on...

Having someone in my corner, who understood the challenges of the HSC gave me confidence to try the plan, and follow through. Before I felt so out of my league as a parent! Having mini-scripts to follow and/or a plan, and someone to talk to about all of it was the catalyst to find the strength to move forward, giving me back the confidence that had been eroded over time my parenting instincts were not wrong, but I just needed some tools to move forward and recalibrate. I am so grateful to have found Megghan, truly.

-Amy F.



Before we worked with Megghan, our quality in family life was at an all-time low. We believe early intervention is key to preventing problems down the road. We were in therapy and it didn't seem to be working well. We were struggling on all things discipline. Every request had turned into a tantrum. Every disappointment was a tantrum and we couldn't go a day without hitting someone, sister or at school.
Now, he is able to talk to me about what was going on with his feelings instead of being Fort Knox. He is better at verbalizing [his feelings].
I am no longer crying every night worried that he was going to go down the wrong path. We experience much less stress. So much less yelling. [We’ve experienced] overall improvement in our family life. My husband and I were skeptical at first, but it's such a relief to know we have support.
-A., Texas, family of 5



We called Megghan when my preschooler was having a lot of meltdowns... right after Christmas the meltdowns jumped up to 20 plus per day. We knew we needed help. We chose to work with her because everything in the informational talk made sense to us in terms of how it would relate to our preschooler.
My preschooler and I have dramatically improved our relationship. We now have the sweet, fun relationship I'd always hoped we'd have. His meltdowns have also dramatically decreased. He's able to process his BIG emotions in a healthy way. And when he does meltdown or have BIG emotions, I feel fully equipped to help him through them.
I now have my sweet relationship with my son!!!!! And seeing him learn to deal with disappointment and avoid an OCD diagnosis!
We can have conversations at the dinner table!! We can now drive over 30 minutes from our home. We are planning to travel out-of-state for Christmas to see family. My preschooler can handle his BIG emotions!!! We are experiencing more and more meltdown-free days!
- D, age 42, family of 3 -Enrolled in Bootcamp January 2020, sent feedback 4/2/2020



We were at a loss as to what to do to help our Highly Sensitive Child cope with everyday tasks and the anger and shame he was feeling on a regular basis that led to him having severe meltdowns and intense emotions about himself, including the fact that he didn't think he deserved to be on this earth.
Once we went through bootcamp, we haven't seen any horrible meltdowns that lead to him saying he wants to leave the earth. When he does have a meltdown, we can get through it much faster and he's much more responsive with the strategies we've learned in bootcamp. Our family interactions are now more positive, and we can spend more time on having fun instead of managing our son's BIG emotions. His emotions toward us as parents has shifted drastically, and now that our relationship has been repaired and we are connecting on a regular basis throughout the day, when he does experience his big emotions he feels safe enough that he will allow us to help him through them.
The biggest benefit is that now our "toolbox" is full again of strategies that we know work, and we have more confidence as parents in how to help our child. We no longer experience the crippling anxiety of not knowing what to do to help our child when he's spiraling or having big emotions. We have faith in ourselves which in turn shows our son that we have faith in him that he can get through to the other side.

-S., Connecticut, family of 4



You came highly recommended by Ashley E. Prior to joining we were struggling with daily meltdowns multiple times a day. Daily I was feeling a sense of dread every morning I woke up, feeling like I didn’t understand how to help my child.
We hardly have any meltdowns now. We have the occasional emotional outburst, but haven’t had a meltdown in weeks. My daughter is able to remain calmer for longer periods of time, expressing that she is making an effort and we are able to communicate much more effectively. I understand her behavior much better now and feel so much closer to her. We feel like a team rather than adversaries.
I now understand my daughter better and she feels like she is understood.
After 8 weeks, this is what we have achieved so far:
Be able to discuss frustrations without shame talk…..Attend soccer practice without tears (still have an occasional emotional outburst but super short lived!)….Go through my days without feeling exasperated……No more hitting….No more kicking….Have a greater understanding of who my child is and how her brain works….Parent with confidence…Feel connected to [my daughter]…Sense her feeling connected and safe with me during hard moments. It’s possible for us to have fun together and not feel like we are all walking on eggshells.

-Jennifer L., California, family of 3, participated in Bootcamp during coronavirus



Prior to starting bootcamp, our HSC (age 4) was having meltdowns/tantrums many times a day. He was becoming increasingly aggressive toward our baby. I consider myself a pretty skilled parent, but we were just spinning our wheels. Each day was just putting out one fire after another and we were too emotionally exhausted to think.
Our HSC is getting better at understanding his feelings and communicating with us. In challenging situations he used to just freeze and then act out all his uncomfortable feelings later. Now he’s telling me what he feels and what he needs, and those challenging situations are still challenging.... but he can handle it! He is hitting his brother a few times a week instead of many times every day. I know this will continue to get even better as we continue to use the habits we’ve developed in bootcamp. Our HSC is playful, silly, creative, and engaging. Prior to bootcamp he was sad and mad almost all of the time. Before bootcamp our HSC would usually hit me if I told him “no” to something he wanted. Now he usually says “ok mom” and then just moves on!!!!!! I honestly wouldn’t believe this if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes.
Our family is really enjoying time together. Seeing my kids laugh and play together is so beautiful.
We enjoy family dinnertime, everyone sitting at the table together. We laugh and eat and talk about our days. Our HSC is able to go into a new/unknown situation and stay regulated. Our HSC is starting to try new foods. I can relax or do my own project while our kids play together, without worrying that our HSC will intentionally hurt his little brother. Our HSC is enjoying play dates!!!!!! He’s navigating social challenges with peers and persisting when it’s rocky. He is having a blast and isn’t melting down during or after play dates! It’s a breeze to wash our HSC’s hair now! Our HSC notices how he’s feeling and often knows what he needs and is able to communicate it to us clearly.
—Toni D., Washington, family of 4, participated in Bootcamp during coronavirus


From “Helpless” to Capable Parents of Toddlers in a Pandemic

Our HSC has always been sensitive with big emotions, but we didn't know how to name it prior to meeting Megghan. Once COVID /shelter in place hit, my husband became a defacto stay at home dad while I continue(d) to work from home. This put even more of the responsibility than before, and as the main working parent, he's been more of the primary caregiver. Being home with our HSC (almost 4 at the time) and his sister (non-HSC, but almost 2) all day everyday was putting us both at our limit, and we didn't know how to navigate the situation; we just felt helpless.
I think we had conflicting ideas that this was a phase that our HSC was taking a really long time to grow out of (terrible twos, terrible threes, fearsome fours, etc) and at the same time wondering if this is how he'd always be, and there was no way to change it other than giving in, yelling, or letting his teachers do all the work. Switching the mindset that as his parents, it's OUR job to help him manage through the big feelings, not avoid them or make them feel better has really changed the outlook in our home. 
Coming to terms with the fact that I'm an HSP, I understand better why my HSC's most "annoying" traits bother me the most; because they're the traits about me that I don't like, or that I have learned to manage. So my relationship with my child has improved, and my relationship with my husband as well, since we're not as wiped from a full day of meltdowns.
The ability to access Megghan in crisis so I could troubleshoot in the moment was the #1 biggest benefit.
The support community was a huge benefit, but also unexpected. In Week 1, I didn't see the benefit of being with a group of people who started at a different time than I did, or had HSCs that were older than my child. I've come to find that seeing how far people had come for the ones who joined before us, and the seeing how people started out for the ones who joined after us was encouraging on both sides. And I found an accountabilibuddy who has been going through a very similar journey!
I now know we can go on outings (once it's safe). We know the signs of a meltdown and can go quickly to the strategy.  We try to celebrate the wins, however small, and see the benefit in the small gains adding up to bigger gains.
--J., New Jersey, family of 4
I saw the advertisement for the free training and after listening thought that it sounded a lot like my daughter, age 11. I scheduled a call and it was like Megghan wrapped up our family life and described our daughter so perfectly after just 30 min of discussion. It hit home. We chose to go through the boot camp because I wanted my daughter to live up to her full potential and not freeze or hide her true self out of fear. Prior to joining, we struggled with her not wanting to try new things, freezing when coming up to something that was difficult and then resultant shame not being able to do something.
Prior to joining boot camp, resentment was probably my biggest mindset block. Knowing that she is smart and capable but not performing like she should. Unfortunately we as parents weren't speaking to the right side of her brain...
Since completing bootcamp, full blown meltdowns are rare. She is much less likely to hide or completely stop an activity. If she is frustrated, we can talk it out. We, as parents, can stay present (huge gain) and grateful. She is gravitating toward new and more challenging books (this was a struggle before). She stands taller and has more confidence in herself. Our relationship is calmer and I don't get stressed talking about emotions!
A huge AHA moment I had was learning that I probably share the HSP trait and that my emotional state has the biggest impact on her. I need to continue to work on me to help her thrive. We [as parents] stay calmer as a whole. We can manage our own emotions better. Also recognizing things that our daughter innately does that are beneficial for her and then supporting her in replicating them (ie drawing, etc).
We now have no stress at bedtime! It was a nightmare before! We witness her picking more challenging tasks and not shying away. She shows confidence with sleepovers (away from home). She’s verbalizing her needs. She’s able to play with her brother with less fighting.
M., Florida, family of 4, participated in Bootcamp during coronavirus

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