How to overcome these 5 familiar steps in ending the daily meltdown cycle for your highly sensitive child. 


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👉 Why punishments and giving in are the WRONG strategy for maintaining peace in your home...and what actually works.

👉 How to improve the relationship with your child so that your child stops thinking they are a "bad kid."

Discover the mistakes parents make in trying

to end the daily meltdown cycle.

Megghan Thompson, LCPC, RPT-S

Hi, I'm Megghan.

✅ Are you tired, both physically and emotionally, from dealing with your highly sensitive child's daily meltdowns?

We understand how confusing it can be. 

✅ Feeling lost and unsure of how to support your highly sensitive child through their daily meltdowns?

You're not alone in this journey.

✅ Are daily meltdowns preventing your highly sensitive child from reaching their full potential?

It's time to break free and unlock a brighter future for your little one. 

We understand the challenges you face, and we're here to help.

Imagine a world where your child can navigate their emotions with ease, where meltdowns become a thing of the past.

Our free masterclass offers practical strategies to overcome the 5 familiar steps that contribute to the daily meltdown cycle, empowering your child to thrive.

Remember, your child deserves a future filled with possibilities and you deserve peace of mind. 

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"We had wasted over $25k in therapy seeking help for our daughter, and I wish we had found Megghan Thompson Coaching first!"

Megan C from North Carolina, started bootcamp in March 2022

"Before concluding our 8 weeks of Bootcamp, we have already experienced 23 days of no meltdowns, stress free family time, more open communication with all family members, increase in understanding of our children's needs, willingness to take on new challenges or experiences without the fear of meltdowns!"

C from Virginia, joined Bootcamp March 2022

Who this is NOT for:

  • This training is not comprehensive enough for you if your child is having meltdowns because they are autistic.
  • This training is not for you if your child is having meltdowns because they have experienced extreme, complex trauma (incarceration of a parent, consistent, multiple incident physical or sexual abuse, unstable caregiving: foster care, exposure to drugs in utero, or experienced a traumatic brain injury). If your child is experiencing these meltdown causes, please email our team for a more appropriate referral at [email protected]