4 Reasons Punishments Aren't Really Working for Your HSC

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2021

I’m declaring WAR on time-outs, removing tablets, sticker charts...

But not on YOU as a parent if that’s what you’ve used to TRY to figure out how to help your child. 

There’s a big difference between feeling trapped in trying to help your kid manage their big emotions, and get your outcomes…

...and just plain not caring about whether your child feels feelings when they can’t get what they want, treat them like a dog on a choke collar, and justify it.

I KNOW that’s not you.

I KNOW you love your child.

I KNOW you’ve tried all the things. 


So, let’s talk about why the “tricks” “strategies” “tactics” and “tools” aren’t working.

But let’s leave the blame game out of it.

Because if you truly didn’t want what is best for your kid, and you truly didn’t give a damn...

You wouldn’t be here.

You’d be commenting on my posts that your kid just needs a good whooping 😭...

Join me as I address how to break out of the reactivity cycle, how to truly help your child WANT to feel better... 

...and WANT to work with you to solve problems 

...and do all of that without throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. 

Ready to break out of the punishment-shame-rage-meltdown-apology cycle?

Book your call with my team and figure out exactly what will help you solve this problem for good.



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