What is Coaching?


The biggest distinction in working with me in this capacity is that I am not treating a mental health diagnosis for the parents I work with. Based on my specialty, we will be working on the sole capacity of improving your relationship with your Highly Sensitive Child. Our work will not include a thorough diagnostic mental health assessment of your own needs, nor the needs of your child in this capacity. However, based on my knowledge and training as a licensed clinical professional counselor (a child and adolescent mental health therapist), I am well equipped to identify when therapy is a more appropriate service for your own needs as a parent, or when it is appropriate to have your child evaluated by a local mental health professional, and am ethically bound to advise this when it applies.

The skills and support provided will be given with the general understanding that the Highly Sensitive personality trait (Sensory Processing Sensitivity) in children requires a certain supportive approach by parents that does not necessarily require mental health treatment for the child.

Because we have extensive clinical specialist backgrounds, we offer transformational coaching, rather than advice-giving. We impart our knowledge to our clients- teaching them to critically think about the meltdown cycle differently. By learning how to assess their parenting skills more effectively, our clients thrive faster, and avoid developing a clinical dependency that is so common when deferring their relationship with their child to their child's therapist to "fix". 


Coaching focuses on identifying measurable and specific goals, and working towards meeting these goals without delving into the past behaviors or experiences that have made these goals unattainable so far. Coaching is appropriate for you if you are motivated for change, you know what your goals are, and you want support along the way.

In seeking therapy, clients are often unaware of the root cause of their challenges, need support to build self-awareness, and can be unhappy with many aspects of their lives. When seeking coaching, clients are generally happy, feel capable in multiple avenues of their lives, and struggle to move forward in a particular life area.

We provide coaching to parents with the understanding that we are not your therapist, nor your child’s therapist. Parents seeking coaching with us feel generally capable raising their non-HSC children, and wish to provide closer, more communicative relationships with their Highly Sensitive Child.

Parents seeking coaching with us are aware their approach to parenting their Highly Sensitive Child is not as effective as it could be, and are ready to make changes. In addition, they believe they have an effective support system in place for their child to learn about his/her emotions, and they want to improve their skills to improve this objective.

 We offer various group coaching services, as well as parenting Highly Sensitive Children courses, often shared about in my Facebook Group. We also offer individual parent coaching within our programming.


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