How to handle an HSC that can't play fairly...

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2021
When it's family night and you're secretly hoping no one gets their feelings hurt...only to have your HSC throw the game pieces across the may feel like pulling your hair out.
HSC’s see red when they cannot think skillfully. Sadly, this isn’t something they just “outgrow”.
To correct this pattern, you need to teach your child to playfully communicate their emotions.
You need to help her manage her big emotions around winning, losing, and compromise… and that’s a bigger, much deeper skillset, than just doing away with competitive games or only playing collaborative games to avoid another “sore loser” upset.
Tune in as I discuss more deeply what works and what doesn’t when teaching your HSC about fairness and playing “nicely”.
To learn how to stop the meltdown cycle by addressing the root causes, talk to our team at

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