Has Your HSC Stopped Taking You Seriously?

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2021

Sometimes it feels like our kids go from age 3 to 13 in a matter of seconds.

As a parent, it’s confusing when we are playing with our 5 year old and they say, “Mom, that’s dumb. I’m not doing that.”

When yesterday, they didn’t think it was dumb at all.

This also goes for helping our kids feel better.

Telling them “don’t worry” worked when they were 3. 

But now your kid is 5… and saying “don’t worry” doesn’t work.

In fact, it probably pisses them off.

And the more you try to help your HSC through their challenges,

The more you are pushed away.

It’s overwhelming… because you know in your gut, it’ll only get worse.

So what SHOULD you do when your HSC doesn’t take you seriously? Tune in the find out.




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