Why You Need to take Action Now

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020


When your child has outbursts and meltdowns on a daily basis, they are experiencing emotions that are out of their control.  They feel lost, confused, and ashamed of these BIG FEELINGS.  And when they don't know how to process and express their emotions in productive ways, they explode.  

And guess what?  This isn't something they will grow out of.  As your HSC grows older, the meltdowns and outbursts will turn into serious risky behavior: 

- Attacking other; verbally and physically

- Chronic depression and/or anxiety

- Self Harm

In this video I discuss:

- the difference between a mental health issue vs. a mental health illness

- how HSC children are commonly misdiagnosed

- Why you need to take action NOW

I know you are a committed parent.  I know you're giving your child the best life you can.  But, if your HSC is experiencing meltdowns and outbursts now, your child needs you to commit even more.  Commit to taking the steps to reducing your child's risk of chronic anxiety and depression NOW! 

Watch the video to learn more about making the RIGHT commitment for your child. 


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