91. Can Perfectionism Kill You? Suicide Myth Busting

Highly Sensitive Children want to do it right the first time. 

And when they don’t have the skills to manage failure, this can create a host of problems in their lives. 

School refusal. 

Homework refusal.

Soccer practice meltdowns.

Screams of “I’m so stupid!” and “I might as well not even try!” and “I would rather die than do homework!” ringing through the house.

You name it. You already know it, afterall, don’t you? 

So then you wonder, how bad is this? 

What do I need to do to break my child out of this prison in their own heart?

How much time do I have before this becomes how she handles problems permanently?

So you rush to reassure: “It’s not that bad- we can do it sweetie, let’s take it one problem at a time.”

Or you investigate: “What about this homework makes this so hard?”

Or you lose your cool: “Enough! You made a commitment to soccer and you will play out the whole season! We are a family of people who keep their commitments!”

But that all makes it worse. The screams turn into full out meltdowns.

Throwing the pencil.

Ripping the paper.

Homework just is not making it home, you’re late to soccer practice, and your child starts threatening themselves.

You may feel the urge to back off, let your child “fail” and see if that helps– relieve the pressure if you will. 

I don't advise either end of the pendulum here. Listen to today's episode to learn why.

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