99. Does ‘Getting Emotions Out’ Help The Meltdown Cycle?

I just got off a call with a parent who said she worked with a therapist that said her son just needed to ‘get his emotions out’. 

This child was stating he wished his brother would die, that at 9 years old asking his parents after his meltdowns subsided ‘why do you hate me’ and mom and dad were so exhausted that they were, (regrettably so, obviously)...

yelling when he would not follow through on the daily tasks with multiple warnings… 

even when his siblings would do the same thing easily. 

So, after trying many sticker charts, talks and lectures, these parents did what every dedicated parent would do– they sought professional help. 

And this is what the therapist told them: “he’s emotionally healthy.”

Mom nearly fell out of her chair– and while she didn’t realize that she was working with a novice professional (the therapist was provisionally licensed) that honestly doesn’t matter...

Listen to today's episode to learn why.

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