103. Back to School Freak Outs

Stomach aches. Tears. Tantrums. And complete meltdowns.

All these can be a daily struggle when trying to get your HSC to go to school.

And that’s on a normal morning, when they’re in a routine. But following a long vacation?

Well, that’s even more stressful.

In fact, many parents tell me they dread this time of year, because they know every single day will incur a freak out …

If not multiple freak outs.

They’re waiting with baited breath for the school year to start again …

Trying to eke out every last second of the summer, before the ‘chaos’ sets in, the struggle returns, and every morning drains the life from them.

And what’s even worse is, you’ve probably only just got into your vacation routine, and now everything’s about to change back again!

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