107. The Whole Household Is Ready to Rest but Your HSC Is Wired

Running around the house like someone gave them a Red Bull at 8pm. 

Bedtime battles can be the worst kind of meltdown in this cycle.

When your energy is drained, your patience is thin, of course it drives you extra crazy to watch your kid take 30+ minutes to do the simple tasks of pjs and brush teeth.

But the saddest part can be that you look forward to the snuggle time that can happen as soon as they get this part done, adding to your frustration. 

And you know that disappointment is about to be shared– because the ‘one more story’ or ‘just a minute’ right before lights out could mean a big explosion if you don’t concede to the request…

When do these mental gymnastics end?

Tune in to learn more!

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