121. I Can’t Believe Professionals Get This so WRONG.

Ever heard a professional talk about how it’s a good thing for your kiddo to “get their emotions out?”

By which they mean scream, yell and have a meltdown.

Here’s the thing -

This approach is like teaching your child how to digest food by making them vomit!

You’d never tell your kiddo that throwing up after a meal was a sign of healthy digestion.

If that started happening, you’d look for a solution, FAST.

Well, it’s the same for their emotions. You don’t want your HSC to vomit up their emotions …

You want them to ‘digest’ them. Why?

Because while we want our kids to express themselves, and to feel comfortable to tell us how they really feel …

We also want to encourage them to have emotion. Watch today's episode to learn why this is so important.

Listen on to learn more!

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