125. Are You Spoiling Your HSC?

Have you ever been mid-meltdown with your kiddo, only to hear someone remark -

“Kids these days!”

Or maybe you’ve been with family, and they mention something about being ‘spoiled.’

If so, I feel your pain.

Here you are, doing your best to keep the situation under control, only to have someone judge your parenting.

Even if the person saying it is well meaning, it still sucks.

Because they have no idea what you’re going through.

And as you know, comments like this are not helpful.

But do they have a point?

Is modern US culture to blame for your child’s struggles?

Or have you been spoiling them, and that’s why you’re dealing with emotional outbursts, high levels of anxiety, and a kid who struggles with things other children take in their stride?

Short answer …

No, you’re not spoiling them.

Listen on to learn more.

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