137. Managing the Holiday Break With Your Teenager

So you ‘survived’ the first 12 or so Christmases of your HSC’s life, and now you’re looking forward to a smoother, less stressful holiday season?

Well … Good luck with that!

Unfortunately, parenting a sensitive child at any age comes with its challenges.

And while those holiday challenges might be different now than when they were younger …

You’re still going to have your patience tested this holiday season.

That’s why I wanted to dedicate this week’s topic to any parent of a teen who’s worried about the month ahead.

Now, a lot of what I speak about in terms of holidays and HSCs in general still applies for teens.

Routine is important.

And you definitely don’t want to overhaul your plans, just because you’re worried of how they might react,

But there are also special considerations that only apply to teens.

Listen on to learn more!

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