148. Thinking You Are Your Child’s “Safe Space” During Meltdowns

As parents, our number one priority is to make sure our kids feel safe at all times.

But when you’re parenting an HSC, that’s easier said than done.

We don’t want to see our kiddo hurting, and struggling to express their emotions.

And we definitely don’t want them to feel unsafe. And so more often than not, we become their safe space.

Now, a ‘safe space’ can mean a lot of different things for different HSCs.

In most cases, if you can provide whatever safe space is needed FOR THEM, that particular meltdown will end sooner.

But there’s a problem …

Because while this strategy might be useful in the moment, it doesn’t do a lot to end the long-term meltdown cycle.

In fact, chances are, you’re making things worse. 

Listen on to learn more.

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