153. The Effect of the Meltdown Cycle on Your Non-Sensitive Kids

Growing up, I wasn’t a highly sensitive child …

But I was the sibling of a highly sensitive child. 

See, people often wonder why I got into the work I do at MTC.

And while it’s because my passion truly is helping parents and kids in this situation, it’s also down to my personal experience.

I want to preface this by saying that I have an amazing relationship with my parents.

They’re kind, loving people, and we get on great.

But looking back, knowing what I know now, there were things in my childhood that definitely weren’t optimal, and had a negative impact on me as I grew up.

Parenting an HSC is super tough.

Parenting an HSC and a non-HSC is even tougher.

Because it’s such a balancing act.

And clearly, you can’t use the exact same strategy for both kids.

So what can you do?

Listen on to learn more!

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