155. Why You Need to Make It a Priority to Manage Your Mindset When Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child

There’s something NO ONE is talking about when it comes to parenting highly sensitive children.

Neglecting this one thing is a surefire way to keep you stuck in the meltdown cycle …

With a kid who stays unpredictable and volatile …

Leaving you tiptoeing around, worried about what to say 24/7 …

And making you feel like you’re doing something “wrong.”

What one thing am I talking about?


I don’t mean your kiddo’s mindset either.

I mean your mindset.

Now, you might be thinking -

“But Megghan, what does MY mindset have to do with ending the meltdown cycle, and helping my child be calm, confident and sociable?”

Well … A LOT!

Mindset is something we place a big emphasis on at MTC.

And for good reason.

Listen on to learn more!

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