156. Homework Problems

Screaming and shouting …

Slamming doors, punching walls, and throwing books all over the room …

If any of these happen the minute you try to get your kid to do homework -

Welcome to the world of parenting an HSC!

Most of us didn’t like homework when we were at school.

But we all kinda sucked it up, and accepted homework as a necessary evil.

That doesn’t happen with HSC kids though.

And actually, I hear of truly terrible situations, every single day, in my Facebook group.

And even if your kid doesn’t have a full-blown meltdown, sometimes simply seeing the struggle they go through and the frustration they experience with homework is heartbreaking.

Because we never want to see our kids in turmoil.

So what can you do, as a parent, to help out?

Listen on to learn more.

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