158. Simple Steps to Build Social Skills With Your HSC

Does the thought of being invited out for a meal or family parties send you into a whirlwind of stress?

That’s because dealing with social situations when you have an HSC is tough.

Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a big family party …

Or even just playdates with one other kid.

Any parent of an HSC knows just how stressful these can be.

But the worst thing about all this?

The shame you can feel as your kid goes into a meltdown, or struggles to cope when others are around.

Because you feel like people are judging you, and your parenting.

Which ultimately means it’s just easier to stay home, where you know things will be more bearable.

So you miss out on making amazing memories as a family.

But to get to the stage where your kid actually enjoys new experiences and social situations, you need to do 4 things…

Listen on to learn more.

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