161. What Your Child's Behavior Really Means (It's Not What You Expect)

Ever feel like you and your kid are speaking different languages?

And I don’t just mean they’re speaking French, which you studied in high school so you can kinda pick up the odd word …

More like you’re speaking Spanish and they’re speaking Swahili.

If so, that’s a common situation for a lot of HSC parents.

Most I speak with, in fact.

And this clash can make it super difficult to understand their behavior.

Because you wonder why they’re behaving in a way that’s so alien.

And all the reasoning and persuasion in the world doesn’t seem to do anything.

Well, here’s the thing -

While you might think you know the reason your kid is acting up, or having a tough time …

The real reason probably isn’t what you think.

Listen on to learn more!

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