191. Is Your Highly Sensitive Child's Distress Destroying Your Family? There's A Simple Solution

Relationships strained to the breaking point. 

And you feel powerless, like nothing works to manage your HSC’s intense emotions.

As a parent, few things cause more pain than seeing your child struggle emotionally.

Dealing with intense meltdowns, withdrawal, or overwhelming emotions, you know the toll this takes on the entire family.

Highly sensitive children experience the world differently than others.

Every sound, sight, touch or change can feel amplified, if they do not have the skills to regulate their emotions, & this can cause disruptions to the peace of your home.

Even if you try to validate their feelings, your reactions and consequences seem to only make things worse without a process…

Listen to learn more.

If your child is demonstrating the meltdown cycle, watch our free training here: https://www.megghanthompsoncoaching.com/5-shifts-registration

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