203. Is Being Highly Sensitive Genetic?

Ever wonder whether this temperament trait can be proven in research?


I get it, you want an answer about why your child is struggling significantly, WITHOUT labeling them unduly… 


AND make sure you’re covering all of your bases and not missing a serious biological cause for your child’s distress.


In your research you may have come across the traditional belief or advice that treats your child’s intense meltdowns as diagnosable anxiety, or a developmental delay, or some other pop psychology fad trend. 


And yet, you know you (and your spouse/co-parent) arent’ on the same page, you’re reactive when you're not at your best and yelling or throwing your hands up, walking on eggshells…

and you know this is part of the problem.


Today’s message is short, because I am imploring you to save the time to watch this week’s podcast.


Listen to learn more.

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