205. Does CBT End The Meltdown Cycle?

You're a problem solver and a high achiever, always striving to give your child the best.

But despite your efforts, your sensitive child struggles with daily refusals, shut downs, and meltdowns.

It's a cycle that leaves you feeling helpless and frustrated, wondering if you'll ever find a solution.

You've considered therapy, thinking it might be the answer you've been searching for.

And while seeking help is a brave step, not all solutions are equipped to handle the unique needs of your sensitive child.


Listen to learn more.

If your child is demonstrating the meltdown cycle, watch our free training here: https://www.megghanthompsoncoaching.com/5-shifts-registration

If your teen is struggling to engage with your family, shutting down and struggling with a perfectionism spiral, watch our free training here: https://www.megghanthompsoncoaching.com/tp/5-steps-registration

If you're ready to book a call with our team, use this link: https://www.megghanthompsoncoaching.com/pod/book-your-call-now

For families with high school aged teens, use this link: https://www.megghanthompsoncoaching.com/tp/teentalk


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