216. Rewriting Our Family’s Story: Savannah & Alan

If it feels like your HSC is down in the dumps more than the average kid,


You’ll want to hear this.


You are not alone.


Our client Savannah knows exactly how that feels, and that feeling was HARD to work through.


Savannah’s story is common for parents who are stuck in the meltdown cycle.


She wanted to be a mom for such a long time,


And the fact that her child seemed melancholy SO often was disheartening.


She describes her HSC as feeling upset and on edge constantly,

Crying often,

And even stated that there was a lack of connection.


She felt like no matter how much her and Alan tried, 

They could not meet their HSC’s needs.


She also felt like she could not help her child in the midst of a meltdown.


And that was really discouraging.


In Savannah’s words, “I felt helpless. I was failing myself and my daughter.”


So how did this family break out of the meltdown cycle with MTC’s help?


Tune in to hear Savannah’s story.


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