Parent Your Highly Sensitive Child Like A Ninja

Parent Your Highly Sensitive Child Like A Ninja

Hosted by: Megghan Thompson

You are a parent of a Highly Sensitive Child and are ready to gain skills that will help you feel capable and confident disciplining your child or teen while helping them feel understood in a world that says they are...

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7: Four Main Traps Parents of Sensitive Kids Fall into when Choosing to Pick their Battles

This episode is about the four main traps that parents of HSCs and Teens fall into when choosing to pick their battles... Because picking your battles is not the solution. It will not support your HSC emotionally. It...
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6: How to Prepare Your HSC for BAD News

If you are staying up past midnight googling “how to tell my kid bad news without them freaking out on me or hating me,” This message is for you. If you already struggle with helping your HSC navigate new events or...
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5: The Sensory Processing Sensitivity (Highly-Sensitive Trait)

In this episode, I break down the Sensory Processing Sensitivity (aka the Highly Sensitive Personality trait). I go over the difference between Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) and Sensory Processing Disorder...
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4: Is it hormones or is my kid Highly Sensitive?

As your child grows into a teenager, how do you really feel about it? No shame here. We were all teenagers once, and it’s safe to say that NONE of us would go back in time to live through puberty again...Be...
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3: About Me, MTC, & Our Mission

This episode is about me, Megghan Thompson, and why I decided to work with Highly Sensitive children and teens. I talk about my personal life, childhood, family and more. Tune in to learn the mission of Megghan...
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2: Case of the Mondays Myth Busting

In this episode, I bust 3 myths about your HSC's case of the Mondays. When your child won’t wake up on time and the meltdown starts before they even open their eyes all the way, dread sits in the back of your throat...
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1: Diagnosis or Personality?

In this episode, I go through the ins and outs of Sensory Processing Sensitivity Temperament (also known as the Highly Sensitive Personality Trait). Tune in to learn about the difference between a disorder and...
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Coming Soon!

Are you a parent of a Highly Sensitive Child or Teen? Do yours days consist of explosive and out of control emotions and daily meltdowns? Join Megghan Thompson each week as she dives into tips, tricks, and real life...
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