146. Emotional Availability for Learning

As a parent of a highly sensitive child, you understand the unique challenges that come with navigating the world.

Imagine being in a classroom with 14 other children, and your teacher just finished a Science lesson, but you missed half of it because you couldn't stop listening to your neighbor's whispers.

This is just a small example of what highly sensitive children experience every day in school.

I understand that parenting a highly sensitive child can present many unique challenges and it's easy for them to be misdiagnosed or labeled as distractible or inattentive.

These challenges may manifest in different ways such as:

😣a child who suppresses their emotions at school and releases them at home
😣a child who feels lost or confused in the classroom
😣a child who displays disruptive or disengaged behavior

It’s natural to be curious and want your child’s educators to understand that these behaviors may be a result of a child's heightened sensitivity and not simply misbehavior.

However, most parents struggle not only with how to start the conversation, but they also struggle with how to properly advocate for their children in a way that avoids misdiagnosis.

Our upcoming event Success in School for Your Highly Sensitive Child was designed to empower you.

You’ll understand where to start to be your child’s strongest advocate while navigating their school experience.

Join us on Friday, February 3rd at 4 pm EST as I personally walk you through on how to understand and discern how the highly sensitive trait impacts your child most while in school.

However, if you want greater clarity on how to best handle situations such as meetings with your child’s school, approaching conversations to seek greater support for your child, and how to avoid misdiagnosis in the process…

I offer an ELITE access to this event that’ll give you the roadmap to successfully navigating your child’s school.

Either way, I urge you to join us as we work together to break out of ineffective patterns and give your child the support they need to thrive.

Click the link to register: www.megghanthompsoncoaching.com/school



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