147. When to Intervene at School for Your HSC - Even High Performing Students

Should you intervene when your highly sensitive child is actually performing…well?

I bet you’ve asked yourself this question too many times, and the answer can be a bit tricky.

As a parent of a highly sensitive child, even if your child is high-performing, you may notice that your student can fall under the radar due to their performance.

Or possibly even struggle to cope with the emotional demands of their school environment.

It's important to remember that just because your child excels academically, it may still be crucial to intervene at school in order to provide the support your child needs to thrive.

Here are 3 key indicators that it's time for you to take action and support your child in the school setting even if they are appearing to “adjust” well:

✔️Meltdowns or shutting down at home: If your child is melting or shutting down at home because of what's happening or not happening at school, it's time to get involved and engage with the school to shift the systems being used to slow down your child's emotions.

✔️Performance anxiety: If your child is constantly working towards perfection, can't tolerate a single mistake, and is significantly struggling with homework at home, it's time to help them feel safe enough to make mistakes and have imperfect grades.

✔️Refusing: If your child is refusing to go to school, it's a clear indication that it's time to intervene.

You have the power to advocate for your child and create transformation in their school experience.

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