The 3 Biggest Costs in Raising a Highly Sensitive Child


As parents, we know the importance of watching our budgets to make sure our family's financial needs are met.  But I also know parents of highly sensitive children are considering more than just money when it comes to raising their child.

You're watching the minutes tick by while your child continues to meltdown, knowing you will be late for work again.  You're seeing the pile of clothes laying in their closest because they “just don't feel right” to your kiddo.  You know how much energy you lose every time another meltdown starts.

But do you ever consider what this is costing your highly sensitive child?

Today, I'm discussing three different costs that you probably haven't considered when it comes to raising a highly sensitive child.

  1. Life Experiences 

When your highly sensitive child is melting down once or twice a day, you already know the hours that are being lost. But what about the EXPERIENCES that are being lost?  I'm not talking about cancelling a trip to the pool, missing soccer practice or having to leave a birthday party early.  I'm also talking about the time your child is internalizing the big emotions that come before and after a meltdown. What experiences are they missing the hour leading up to a meltdown as they try to shut down their frustrations? What experiences are they missing the hour after the meltdown while they keep feeling the shame from allowing their big feelings to explode? So while they may be putting on a brave face so they can rejoin the birthday party, try to imagine all of the thoughts running through their head at that moment that won't allow them to fully enjoy themselves. 

  1. Healthy Development

When your HSC is dealing with chronic stress from meltdown, shame of their big feelings, and anxiety from the triggers; their bodies are not able to develop properly.  We all know the toll stress takes on our bodies as adults; imagine what it is doing to your little one who’s not even fully grown yet. Also, think about the emotional milestones your child is missing when they are dealing with daily meltdowns.  When they can't manage their big emotions. When they start to feel that nothing will turn out right.  That's your child starting to lose a sense of hope and happiness not just in themselves, but also in the world around them.  

  1. The Power of Influence on your Child

When your child hits fifth grade, their peers' opinions become more important to your child than your own.  When a child is younger, parents are the biggest influence on their life. During those few years, you have the power to influence the way your child is able to handle their highly sensitive traits. If you, as the parent, decide to wait to see how things turn out, you are missing your best window of opportunity.  Then once you do decide it's time to make a change, when your child is an adolescent, then you'll also be dealing with the frustration of trying to get your child to listen to you over their friends. 

Raising a highly sensitive child doesn't mean that you and your family have to give up enjoying life.  But the key to turning things around for your family, has to start with you. If you're ready to create a more joyful, less costing, life for your family, click HERE to book a call today!


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