How to Help Your Sensitive Child Build Resilience

If you have a highly sensitive child prone to meltdowns, most parents feel exhausted, worried and even hopeless.

You love your child deeply, and to avoid the daily emotional rollercoaster from sucking the joy out of parenting and your family life, you'll need to keep in mind a few things about helping your child feel less out of control.


You may have been told that sensitivity is just "how they're wired" - that your child will always be "difficult" and struggle to cope with life's demands.


I'm here to tell you that this simply isn't true. The latest neuroscience has revealed that resilience isn't a fixed trait - it can absolutely be cultivated with the right parenting approach.


In my recent short video training, I bust open the myth that "resilience is innate" and share the key brain-based strategies you can start using today to gradually increase your sensitive child's stress tolerance and "bounce back" abilities.


You'll discover:

  • Why avoidance and...

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Summer Sensory Overload (And How to End It)


If your kid could just handle the regular every day stuff your summer would be much more enjoyable, right?


Maybe it's the splashing sounds at the pool that suddenly overwhelm your child's senses.


Or the booming fireworks that terrify them despite your assurances it will be okay.


Heck, it could even be putting on sunscreen before a fun beach day that sets them off.


In the moment, you rack your brain trying to figure out how to "fix" the situation and talk them down. 


You beg, reason, reassure - anything to avoid the public meltdown.


Yet no matter what logical explanations you provide, the emotional storm still rages.


You can't understand why something so seemingly minor has triggered such an extreme response.


That's because you're facing a sensory sensitivity issue - and talking it through won't resolve the root cause.


The truth is, your child's nervous system is overloaded and trapped in fight-or-flight mode by...

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My 8 Month Parenting Regret

You use intuition all the time without realizing it.


Like when deciding if that plate of food looks appetizing.


Or knowing the coffee you're about to drink will be very hot.


But I see so many parents struggle to trust their intuition with their kids… mainly because they let fear override it.


Your gut tells you something is a good or bad decision.


Then the doubts start creeping in from others' opinions… or the need to be liked… or the need to create convenience… or low self esteem.. [insert people pleasing personality flaw here ;)] 


"Are you sure that's wise?" says your skeptical friend.


"My child would never behave that way," remarks your judgmental relative.


Before long, you've talked yourself out of your initial instinct.


But I'm here to tell you - trust that powerful parental intuition.


We’re all human– I teach this stuff, and still I learned this the hard way when I...

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Parents


Last week, I attended a coaching event with my mastermind group and it became clear to me why many parents struggle with raising sensitive kids.


One business owner (also a mom) at the event was questioning if she belonged there because she was too focused on comparing her accomplishments to everyone else's online success. 


But I could see that she was very close to reaching her own goals.


I understand. 


As parents, we are constantly measuring ourselves against an unrealistic or unknown standard, whether it's another mom who seems to have everything figured out or just an unattainable ideal of perfection.


It's even more challenging when you are raising a sensitive child whose intense emotions can make you feel like you are failing. 


You see other kids who can "toughen up" and wonder why your child has meltdowns over seemingly small things.


The truth is, comparing yourself to others' seemingly perfect lives steals your...

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How to handle a sensitive child that isn’t resilient

Your sensitive child freezes in frustration, don't they?


Schoolwork, chores, friendships - the second things get tough, they quit.


As their parent, witnessing their lack of resilience breaks your heart.


You know deep down that if they could move through discomfort, amazing things would happen.


Yet every time you try coaching them, every time you encourage perseverance...


You get met with tears, tantrums, and complete shutdown from your discouraged child.


Your frustration boils over in those heated moments despite your best intentions.


You revert to criticizing, yelling, or simply giving up yourself out of sheer exasperation.


After all, you feel like you can't be calm and lead with compassion when they won’t listen.


But here's the tragic truth that keeps this meltdown cycle spinning:


Each time you quit on being the steady, reassuring leader...


Your child's brain gets another example that quitting is...

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Proactive vs Reactive Self-Care


Ever felt overwhelmed trying to control your emotions?


I know the feeling.


I've found a solution that made a huge difference: transformational mindset shifting.


It's not just about reducing surface feelings of anxiety and stress.


It helps manage emotional regulation and build resilience over time.


This leads to unshakable confidence in high-pressure situations.


Check it out here:

Wednesday June 12, 2024 at 7pm, 4:00pm PST, I’m running a FREE Be The Example Summit for parents and professionals.


We’ll cover the answers to these questions, and if you grab a VIP ticket, you’ll get the opportunity to ask your questions LIVE, plus several bonuses.


You will need to grab your FREE ticket here.



Megghan Thompson, LCPC, RPT-S

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Beat Overwhelm for Busy Parents and Professionals

Wondering how to improve emotional intelligence and resilience without getting overwhelmed?

Well, last week I found myself caught in a whirlwind of turbulence. 

A personal crisis loomed on one hand and an impending deadline on the other. 

And guess what? 

I didn't crumble under the pressure. Instead, I used the process that I’ll be sharing with you at the Be The Example Summit.

In just one day at this summit, I will show you how to nurture resilience in your life and handle stress with ease, just like I did.

Yes, all in just one day! You may wonder how this is possible but trust me, it is.

Take the leap and give me the chance to demonstrate. 

Let me share the tools that helped me navigate through stormy waters without losing my calm or composure.

My goal is to transform you into a beacon of resilience who'll be able to manage their mindset effectively, skills that will benefit you throughout your life.

Naturally, it requires commitment. Nothing...

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Rewriting Our Family’s Story: Savannah & Alan


If it feels like your HSC is down in the dumps more than the average kid,


You’ll want to hear this.


You are not alone.


Our client Savannah knows exactly how that feels, and that feeling was HARD to work through.


Savannah’s story is common for parents who are stuck in the meltdown cycle.


She wanted to be a mom for such a long time,


And the fact that her child seemed melancholy SO often was disheartening.


She describes her HSC as feeling upset and on edge constantly,

Crying often,

And even stated that there was a lack of connection.


She felt like no matter how much she  and Alan tried, 

They could not meet their HSC’s needs.


She also felt like she could not help her child in the midst of a meltdown.


And that was really discouraging.


In Savannah’s words, “I felt helpless. I was failing myself and my daughter.”


On top of this, she was dealing with her own...

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3 Barriers To Parenting Sensitive Kids Consistently

You try so hard to be a great parent, don't you?

You try so hard to be a great parent, don't you?

You read all the books, listen to the podcasts, join Facebook groups...

You soak up every tip and trick to help your sensitive child stop melting down.

And sometimes those strategies work - for a little while at least.

For a week or two, your child is calmer and more in control of their big emotions.

You breathe that sigh of relief, thinking you've finally cracked the code.

But then, almost as quickly as the progress came, it's gone again.

The meltdowns return, and you're back at square one, feeling defeated.

Why does this keep happening?
Why can't you find something that actually sticks?

It's probably because you're falling into one of the 3 major barriers that prevent consistency.

And without consistency, no parenting strategy will work long-term for your sensitive child.

Barrier #1:

You lose motivation when you don't see immediate results.

In the beginning, you feel so hopeful and...

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How To Have Faith A Sensitive Child Will Stop Their Meltdowns


You walk on eggshells, don't you?


Holding your breath until your sensitive child gets home from school...


Bracing for the emotional tsunami that'll come crashing through the door at 3pm.


You ask an innocent question like, "What snack would you like?"


And just like that, the dam breaks.


A torrent of screams, tears, and flailing limbs leaves you battered and drained.


Lying there on the kitchen floor, you wonder, "Where did I go wrong as a parent?"


You google deep into the night, searching for answers in books and blogs.


You read that empathy is key - that meltdowns are overload from bottling it all up at school.


Parenting guides tell you to feel #blessed your child expresses feelings so openly at home.


They shame you for being disturbed, pressure you to embrace the chaos as just a phase.


You start questioning if YOU'RE the problem for wanting more peace and joy as a family.


Backed into a corner, you...

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