3 main reasons why sensitive kids and teens aren’t sleeping


Contrary to what you may think... 

Your HSC's sleep issues are NOT just about vitamins, screens or diet.

As much as you try to limit screen time, sugar or food dyes...many of you are also hesitant to use a pill to support your child in falling asleep.

At any age, parents need to be aware of their sensitive child or teen’s emotional problems that may be the root of their sleep issues.

Altering diet, adding vitamins/medications and other ‘quick fix’ approaches are really just masking deeper causes...that require long term commitments.

Look, I get it, I avoid certain foods too.

Sunshine is good for the body, to process proper hormones to support sleep onset. That’s just it, however: ‘support.’

Because when you avoid helping your child learn how to process anxiety-provoking topics like the school day, friendships, and family relationships...

Then all the ‘tricks’ in the world aren’t going to help your sensitive kid settle down. 

Join me as I discuss the 3 main reasons why sensitive kids and teens aren’t sleeping well...and what to do about it.

If sleep issues, shutdowns or daily meltdowns are ruining life for you and your HSC or teen, book a free consult with someone from my team to speak about a permanent solution for a peaceful home and an emotionally free child. 


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