Eating Habits: My Sensitive Kid Keeps Under/Over Eating


As a parent, you wear a million hats, but there’s really only one that is essential.

Keep your kid healthy - in a literal sense.

Feed them.

Today I’m going to talk about how your child’s eating habits play a role in the meltdown cycle if your child is also suffering from daily meltdowns. 

First, some housekeeping. 

I’m not a dietician. 

I have no formal educational background in nutrition.

I don’t claim to know what the best thing to feed your child is, 

And I also am not qualified to give you information on what to feed them,

or how to help them with measuring their food intake. 

(This is why we have an OT parent consultant on our team.)

What I am qualified to teach you is how eating habits can play a role in the meltdown cycle. 

Want to know how? Tune in to find out.


For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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