5 Things You Can Do to Break Out of the Shutdown/irritability Cycle

Ever feel like you’re walking on eggshells at home?

One moment, your HSC is calm, loving and content …

The next, they’re in full-blown meltdown mode …

And then soon after, they totally shut down?

If so, let me tell you something -

This is expected in the meltdown cycle.

In the world of HSCs, going from one emotion to another super quickly isn’t uncommon at all.

We call this “The shutdown/ irritability cycle.”

Just because it’s expected though, doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

And it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about the stress this causes, either.

Because if we’re being totally honest, you don’t want to feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells at home, right?

Worried that you might say or do something that triggers a meltdown.

Or send them into shutdown mode.

Or that you may use the wrong parenting approach for a given situation, because you haven’t realized your kiddo’s mood has totally switched.

That’s no way for you to live …

And it’s no way for your child to live, either.

Because ultimately, this situation creates low-level tension that never goes away.

Think of it like having a small pebble in your shoe.

At first, you barely notice the pebble.

“That’s okay, I’ll sort it out later,” you think.

Soon after, that pebble’s not causing you pain, but it’s certainly more uncomfortable.

“Still not too bad. I’ll get it out in a little while,” you say.

Before you know it though, the pebble’s caused a blister, you’ve got a bruised foot, and now you’re thinking -

“Oh boy, I wish I sorted that pebble when I first felt it.”

This is the scenario for many parents we speak with at MTC.

What started as a slightly frustrating situation in the home, is now a MAJOR problem.

So how about we break that shutdown/ irritability cycle before things go South?

You can do that by booking a call with us here.

Even if things don’t feel too bad now, I know just how stressful that constant low-level tension can be.

It doesn’t just affect you, but can cause arguments with your partner, too.

And the stress rubs off on your kids.

That means your HSC and any other children you have.

Ultimately, everybody feels like they’re walking on eggshells.

And that’s not a solid foundation for a happy, loving home.

Especially when you can put the kibosh on the problem now.

Our team is the best at showing you a way to calm the meltdowns, and to put an end to the shutdown/ irritability cycle.

We’ve helped literally hundreds of families to date.

And I know we can help you too.

So if you’d like to explore the possibilities of a tension-free home and a healthy, confident kiddo, just click the link below:

“Yes, I want to stop walking on eggshells.”

For families with high school aged teens, book here.


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