Ready to Take a Break From Your Summer?

Remember when you pushed through those last few weeks of school meltdowns, daydreaming of easier days without homework meltdowns and reports of under stimulation-driven “misbehavior” from your kid’s teacher…

You weren’t thinking about the hard stuff that comes with parenting an HSC stuck in the meltdown cycle during the summer…

Like how much of your summer vacation is going to be spent wrestling your kid into sunscreen and camp t-shirts with tags…

Wrestling them out of the pool…

And refereeing when they try to police the whole town for splashing during water play…

And yet, here you are.

Wondering which is harder: getting up day after day for the school routine, or helping your child adjust to the variety of summer activities only to have them end in 5 day camp cycles.

Not to mention the sensory overwhelm that is hard to track… because you know it’s mood dependent for your kid, not caused by a disorder.

So, to cope, you may be trying to soak up the sun yourself when you come home from work, grilling and enjoying the free time between later bedtimes…

All so you don’t have to think about how endlessly exhausting it will be once you actually set the limit for your child to come in from the neighbor’s or turn off the video game.

Make no mistake- I’m not just describing common concerns of parents of preschool aged HSCs…I know this is a challenge for you, with your 9 year old… or your 12 year old.

Here’s the deal.

Summer isn’t meant to be spent daydreaming about breaks from the chaos.

Summer IS your break. It’s meant to be enjoyed!

The solution isn’t buying neutrally smelling sunscreen that dries in 3 seconds…

(and ideally magically applies itself just by being in the vicinity of your child who looks at it before they turn to stone in a Medusa-esque meltdown sequence that happens like clockwork every time it’s time to go outside)

It’s not in finding the perfect swimsuit that doesn’t bunch up when wet or roll in the wrong places…

And it’s definitely not telling your child they need to get used to getting wet or get out of the pool… that people splash when they’re IN the pool for pete’s sake!

Because it’s not about the activity, or the prep time, or the fact that you need to go home for dinner before an exhaustion post-pool meltdown delays bedtime…

It’s about the fact that your child has no idea how to handle surprises, discomfort or change.

And dancing around the topic trying to fix the above ‘problems’ without solving the issue from the root is keeping you from tolerating the discomfort as well.

And you’re both perpetuating the cycle of survival mode of the meltdown cycle…

All the while thinking that you’ve been trying to get out ahead of it.

Here’s what needs to be done:

You have to look at all of these daily meltdowns outside of their day-to-day catalyst.

You have to start seeing your child as RESILIENT. Not bulletproof, but capable of handling these ‘small’ challenges.

You have to playfully teach your HSC to manage change in routine, sensations and unexpected social interactions.

In a way that doesn’t keep you walking on eggshells, or your child from believing they're fragile or broken.

That takes an outside perspective…from a team that breaks the conventional mold.

Since you’re ready to break out of this pattern before the days get shorter, and the nights get colder, be sure to book a call with our team.

We will tell you whether our non-traditional science-backed ways will lead your whole family toward enjoying the sunshine and sunsets… THIS summer.

And if we aren’t the right fit, we’ll tell you what you need to do instead.

You literally have nothing to lose by booking a call.. But everything to gain if you break out of the cycle with us.

Book your call here:

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