Homework Problems

Screaming and shouting …

Yelling in your face and telling you they hate you …

Slamming doors, punching walls, and throwing books all over the room …

If any of these happen the minute you try to get your kid to do homework -

Welcome to the world of parenting an HSC!

Most of us didn’t like homework when we were at school.

And maybe we tried everything we could to get out of it, or chose to leave that book report or calculus revision ‘til the very last minute …

But we all kinda sucked it up, and accepted homework as a necessary evil.

That doesn’t happen with HSC kids though.

And actually, I hear of truly terrible situations, every single day, in my Facebook group.

I’ve heard about parents being threatened.

Or school books being ripped up in protest.

Angry phone calls home from teachers, demanding to know why this week’s assignment wasn’t done.

And even if your kid doesn’t have a full-blown meltdown, sometimes simply seeing the struggle they go through and the frustration they experience with homework is heartbreaking.

Because we never want to see our kids in turmoil.

So what can you do, as a parent, to help out?

Let’s face it, the school can only do so much.

And it’s called HOMEwork for a reason!

Well, you can start by assessing their learning style and their needs.

Very few HSCs respond to being told what to do.

So homework needs to be a collaborative process.

Are they more a visual learner, or an auditory one?

Do they focus better when they read through something, or when they try it for themselves?

Maybe you even need to ditch the textbooks, and get them to do their own research?

Figuring out their learning style will take more time in the beginning.

But what would you prefer -

A few extra 30-minute slots spent helping them every week for the next few months …

Or another 5-10 years of daily meltdowns the moment you even mention “The H word?”

I know what one I’d rather.

You also want to create a positive learning environment at home.

What do I mean by that?

Well, it helps if you have a separate area for your kiddo to do their homework.

Somewhere they enjoy spending time and feel safe …

But won’t be easily distracted.

Our clients find that doing this helps a lot.

‘Environment’ isn’t just a physical thing though.

Because a positive emotional environment means encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning.

Help them see that the work they’re doing is a worthwhile activity …

Encourage them to take ownership of their actions …

And work to show them that the tasks they’re doing now are going to play a huge role in their future happiness.

Positive reinforcement here goes a long way.

So try not to get frustrated or short-tempered if they constantly drift off task, or if they do go into a meltdown.

Coach them through it, rather than getting worked up.

I’d also suggest developing strategies to help them stay on task.

Maybe try implementing some kind of timed work blocks.

(Like the Pomodoro technique.)

Or incentivize them if they have a really solid week.

Above all, focus on the process, not the outcome.

Don’t get too caught up in the grades.

And don’t let them obsess over grades, either.

The important thing right now, is that they see homework in the best light possible …

And they recognize that even though they might not enjoy every minute of the work, that’s totally okay.

What matters is that they’re learning to focus, they’re developing discipline, and building their resilience.

And hey, if you’re still stuck …

You can always get our professional help and support.

It’s rare we speak with a parent of an HSC who doesn’t have a daily battle over homework.

So believe me when I say, if you’re tearing your hair out over homework …

We’ve seen this HUNDREDS of times before.

We know how to easily solve any homework-related issues.

And we have a bunch of proven processes for not just ending school-related meltdowns and outbursts …

But navigating any tricky situations with your HSC.

We’ve helped over 600 families to date.

And we’d love to help you, too.

So if you’re done with struggling through this on your own -

Use this link, and we’re happy to talk.

For families with high school aged teens, book here.  



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