I Don’t Understand My Kid… How Big of a Problem Is That?


Most parents have times when they just don’t ‘get’ their child.

And most kids think their parents are weird, too.

That’s just life!

But when you’re parenting an HSC, that disconnect can feel 100 times greater.

In fact, this is something I hear from the parents I work with a lot.

Deep down, they know a certain level of disconnect is normal.

Because when they were teens, their parents didn’t ‘get’ them.

But despite this, they start second guessing themselves -

“Surely I should have something in common with my child?”

“Is it really normal that we’re this disconnected?”

“What if the gap grows even more, and they end up resenting me, hating me, or simply drifting away?”

It’s tough, because this kind of thinking has severe consequences.

And it only gets worse as your HSC goes from a kid to a teen.

You start to criticize yourself, and wonder what you’re doing wrong.

Or maybe in order to get your child’s buy-in, you give them more independence than you’d like, in the hope it gets them onside.

Or perhaps you go the other way, and try to keep tighter control, which ends in them being overly-dependent on you.

And they’re just the downsides for you.

From your child’s perspective, this disconnect can harm their self-esteem, as they (subconsciously) pick up on the growing distance.

They can shut down and isolate …

Or engage in disruptive behaviors to get attention.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to solve this.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re beating yourself up for growing further and further apart from your teen.

Or if you can sense them becoming disconnected and disengaged, and you’re worried about how they’re really doing.

We specialize in repairing those bonds, and helping parents feel truly connected to their kiddos, no matter what age they are.

We’ve had parents come to us who said it felt like they didn’t know their kiddo at all.

But through working with them and their HSC, we’ve not only brought them closer together …

We’ve helped them have a better relationship than they ever imagined was possible.

Sure, the relationship may not always be sunshine n rainbows.

What parent-child relationship is?

But there’s no reason you can’t have an amazing, loving relationship, where you ‘get’ each other and love spending time together.

If that’s something you want, why not click the link below to book some time with us?

Whatever the cause of your disconnect, I can promise you one thing -

My team and I have seen it before.

And if we’ve seen it before?

We know how to overcome the problem.

There’s a lot to lose by letting that disconnect grow and grow …

But there’s nothing to lose by booking a call with us.

You can do that at the link below.

“YES! I want an amazing, CONNECTED relationship with my child.”

For families with high school aged teens: "YES! I want an amazing, CONNECTED relationship with my TEEN."


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