Feel Like You’re Neglecting Your Other Kids?

It’s heartbreaking when your other kids tell you they’re trying to have patience, 

But they secretly want to punch their sister for her overwhelming meltdowns… 

And then your mind starts to race with all the questions….

How did it come to this? 

How is aggression now an acceptable solution in my home?

Haven't I been spending ALL this time trying to teach my HSC that it isn’t?

Why do my other kids feel like the only way to get her to stop is to whack her?

How do they feel knowing that this isn’t really an answer– trapped because they would never do it? 

Angry and powerless?



All of the above? 

It’s hard enough living under the weight of the meltdown cycle,

But the guilt you carry for feeling like you are neglecting your other child’s emotional needs is exceptionally profound. 

It’s not like you can tell your kid,

“Sorry your sister keeps freaking out, I don’t know how to make it stop.”

It feels like both options are wrong.

     A. Should you chastise your HSC for feeling their big feelings (albeit unhealthily)? 

     B. Or tell your non-HSC to shove their emotions and keep tiptoeing around the meltdowns like you do?

If this were a test,

Congrats. Both answers here ARE wrong. But that’s because you haven’t seen option C yet.

     C. Break the meltdown cycle altogether.


It is absolutely possible to do,

Your children’s sibling relationship can be spared from disappointment and heartbreak,

And YOU can stop playing referee. 

The thing that most people don’t realize about the meltdown cycle is that it disrupts the entire family dynamic.

Notice that I said the meltdowns disrupt the family dynamic – not your HSC.

While it may seem like your HSC is being overdramatic and explosive on purpose,

There is actually more to it than that.

Your HSC doesn’t want their emotional intensity to be this high. They are struggling too.

The issue here is: they are missing the skills to regulate and manage their emotions.

That may seem obvious. Maybe your kid is in therapy right now as you’re reading this.

But you know that therapy is not working to solve this problem…

And that’s because it’s a pervasive issue that coping skills will not fix.

The most effective way to break the meltdown cycle is to change your parenting strategy.

I know you’ve tried to do that too.

You’ve read articles about why your kid keeps hitting and kicking,

Asked doctors what to do when your kid won’t stop screaming,

Read numerous books about different parenting styles and tried them all,

Listened to podcasts, dug through Facebook group posts, and probably more than you could even recount.

Maybe you’ve even worked with a parenting coach before.

So, what could you do differently?

Learn the skills to help your child manage their emotions effectively,

Utilize support from professionals with over a decade of experience that is tailored to your specific family needs,

Join a community of parents who are going through this same exact thing,

Work with numerous experts in the field, including a Neuroscientist,

And break the meltdown cycle in as little as 8 weeks.

You can do this with us here at MTC, where we’ve helped hundreds of families break the meltdown cycle.

If you don’t break the meltdown cycle, there are a few things you should know.

Your child will not grow out of it and it won’t go away on its own.

Your children’s relationships with each other will suffer the consequences of how the meltdowns play a role in the family dynamic – 

Take it from me. I grew up alongside my Highly Sensitive sister raised with traditional parenting methods.

My parents, who I love dearly, simply did not have the skills to teach my sister to manage her emotions effectively. 

It doesn’t mean they were bad parents. It means they were missing parenting skills.

My mom is a pediatric nurse who was born to be in the helping field, 

And her parenting strategy still lacked key tactics needed to break the meltdown cycle.

So you are not a bad parent if you can’t do this on your own.

That has never worked, which is why you are still searching for answers.

You can learn more about how it affected my family long term in previous podcast episode where I discuss my life and why I do this work,

The point is: you feeling like you are neglecting your other kids affects the entire family.

And breaking the meltdown cycle is the clearest light out of this tunnel.

At MTC, we will give you a strategy that is tailored to your family’s needs.

You will be the leader here to give your child strategic and specific feedback to help them manage their emotions,

Show them how to advocate for their needs without hitting or screaming,

Teach them about responsibility and clearly communicate your expectations,

And lead with love rather than tiptoeing around your entire family.

This is what you all deserve.

So book a free call with our team today:

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