Avoiding Punishments=Passive Parenting?


It’s time for the showdown to end all showdowns …

To settle a debate that’s raging in the world of HSC parenting …

And for the gloves to come off, once and for all.

Because the question is -

What’s the BEST way to parent an HSC - With passive parenting, or with punishment?

Before I reveal which one you need to prioritize, let me give a little bit of background.

Passive parenting (or gentle parenting) involves taking a step back, and not getting overly emotionally-involved when your kid is having a meltdown, or struggling to cope.

There’s a definite benefit to this.

I mean, we know that if your child is highly charged, the last thing you want to be is highly charged, too.

But at the same time, passive parenting can lead to a lack of boundaries.

You end up being physically present … But mentally absent.

Parents who do this fail to provide the emotional support, guidance and attention their child needs.

They treat their child as fragile.

And that only worsens the meltdown cycle.

(Both the frequency and the severity.)

Plus, if you passively parent and don’t set boundaries?

Your kiddo WILL push those boundaries. (Consciously or subconsciously.)

It’s a recipe for a confused, insecure child who craves structure.

So is punishment the way to go?

Definitely not!

For one thing, high sensitive behavior is never something that should be punished.

This doesn’t help anyone - Not you or your child.

And even things like lecturing, bribery and sticker charts can fall into the ‘punishment’ category.

Because while they might not be yelling or disciplining, they can create the same psychological response as giving timeouts or tellings off.

So if we don’t want punishment, and we don’t want passive parenting, what do we want?

Well, the research says that having an individualized plan for open communication and modeling good behavior, is the perfect way to parent an HSC.

You want to lead by example …

To encourage them to be self-sufficient …

And to coach them through their challenges and meltdowns, so they become a confident, resilient, capable young person.

That’s what we’ve done with every one of the 600+ families we’ve worked with over the years.

Does this take more work than sticker charts, or yelling, or just ‘zoning out’ to your kid’s behavior?

You bet it does!

But then what would you rather -

To put in the extra work now, to actually support and encourage your child, and have them thrive academically, socially, and be in total control of their emotions?

Or to settle for the ‘easy option’ where they keep struggling with meltdowns, never have clear boundaries, and rely on you for years to come?

I don’t know about you, but I can tell you the parents who work with us KNOW the only option is the first one.

Because once they have the right game plan, they stop walking on eggshells.

They turn previously charged situations into calm conversations.

And they get back to living life as a family, no longer skipping social events, constantly battling with the school, or having to watch their kid struggle through life isolated and alone.

So if having a personalized plan that supports your kid is something you’d like to explore …

And if you want our full support and guidance along the way …

Schedule your breakthrough call here.

For families with high school age teens, book here.

These calls are 100% free.

But we only have a limited number each week.

So use that link to book some time.

I’m excited to help you finally break through your HSC’s challenge, to see them excel, and for you to enjoy stress-free parenting.

Let’s talk soon.


I can’t stress this enough, but every child, every family, and every situation really is different.

That’s why, if you truly want to end the meltdown cycle, eliminate the outbursts and actually have FUN as a family, you need a personal approach.

Generic online workshops or conventional therapy won’t cut it.

Because aside from not being tailored to exactly what your family needs …

They lack the support, accountability and guidance outside of sessions that’s so critical to end the meltdown cycle.

So if you know you’ve been struggling for too long, and recognize it’s time to take action, then be brave, and use one of the links above to book that call, today.


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