How to Cure New Year Meltdowns. [For GOOD!]

Whenever I speak to parents in January, they tell me one thing -

“I feel like I need another break already.

That vacation was hardly worth it.”

Which is sad.

Because we all want to enjoy our downtime, appreciate our family over the holidays, and go into the New Year feeling upbeat and optimistic.

But as a parent of an HSC, that’s often the last thing you feel.

Because despite best intentions, the holiday season was stressful.

Maybe your kid acted out more than usual …

You had to leave family parties early as they got so stressed …

Or the change in routine completely threw them off, and it was “meltdown o’clock” every single day!

Whatever it was, as cliche as it is to say …

New Year is a GREAT time to set new goals and make a commitment to calming the chaos and eliminating the meltdowns.

Trouble is, you feel like you’re facing this huge uphill battle.

All those routines you worked so hard to put in place in the fall after the summer break?


It’s like you’re starting from scratch, right?

Well … No, not really!

If you’ve got your child into a routine where they feel calm and in control before, you can do it again.

And this time around, you can get to that stage a whole lot faster.

But first, you need to overcome a few assumptions.

Assumptions like -

“This will go on forever.”

“My kiddo is choosing this behavior.”

Or - “Something bigger is going on”

I know it’s easy to convince yourself of these things. We all do it. But these beliefs aren’t serving you.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you need a high-level focus.

Too many parents (understandably) focus on what they think they need to focus on -- ie. those assumptions above …

Versus what they actually need to focus on.

Which is the bigger picture “stuff” to help get out of the meltdown cycle for good.

Remember, if your child is getting upset over going back to school …

Or arguing with you every step of the way when getting ready in the mornings …

Or refusing to do their homework, or spend any time apart from you …

None of these are the real problem.

The real problem is, you need an overall strategy .

A strategy that not only helps them seamlessly transition into an easy New Year routine …

But one that helps them stay meltdown-free year-round, no matter what’s going on.

This is something I’d love to help you with.

One of the things I love most about what we do here at MTC isn’t necessarily those times when parents tell me about their first meltdown-free morning, or how they went a whole week without a fight erupting.

Sure, I love those kinda things.

But ultimately, what gets me ever more excited is when a client from years ago reaches out at a time like New Year, and tells me how they didn’t even have to put any coping strategies in place.

Where before they’d have been dreading the transition back to school, now, their kiddo is so calm and settled, they just breeze back into a regular routine, stress-free.

I know we can help you achieve this, too.

I’m not one of these people who thinks January is a ‘special’ time to set goals.

But I do think, if you are looking for some kind of reset, or you want a reason to double down on calming the chaos and ending the meltdowns for good, now is a pretty good time for that.

If you think so too, click here to book some time with us.

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From there, you can pick your appointment slot.

And then on the call, one of my team will walk you through how we see the plan for building that bond and restoring the relationship with your HSC.

These calls are so impactful, I know you’ll walk away with so much, no matter whether you choose to work with us or not.


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