Big Emotions, Big Hearts: Celebrating the Depth of Feelings in HSCs


Do you ever feel like your kid has flaws?

If so … I hear you.

No parent wants to think there’s anything ‘wrong’ with their kid, right?

Or that they somehow need “fixing.”

But unfortunately, society conditions us to think this way.

Then, when you add in comments (sometimes well-meaning, sometimes not) from friends and family members, it’s easy to see your kids’ big emotions as some kind of problem.

But what if they weren’t a problem at all?

What if these were actually reasons to celebrate?

This is a reframe we do with our clients.

And they LOVE it.

Because it takes them from stressed, frustrated and feeling guilty …

To free, empowered, and seeing their HSC in a whole new light.

Your kid has a big heart.

A big heart equals big emotion.

And that’s something to be grateful for.

How many kids do you know who barely show any emotion?

Speaking to them is like getting blood from a stone.

Yet with an HSC, while dealing with the meltdowns can be tough, at the same time -

  1. Meltdowns show your kid has feelings, and is able to express those. And -
  2. Meltdowns can be overcome. In fact, they can be overcome a lot easier than it is to help an uncommunicative kid to start talking.

So really, their emotions are gifts.

They’re a sign of deep feelings, and an overflowing heart.

But it begs the question -

What can we do to encourage these, rather than shut them down?

Well, for one thing, you can help your kiddo with the reframe like I just shared with you here. 

Help your HSC understand their big feelings are beautiful signs of a sensitive soul, not flaws to fix.

Next up, honor their empathy.

In 2023, empathy is sadly missing from so many people.

This can be your kid’s superpower.

Empathy is a major advantage when it comes to making friends.

So show them that even if they’re shy, or anxious, actually, being empathetic is the quickest, easiest route to a big friendship group, and to deep and meaningful relationships.

Finally -- and this one might not be on your radar right now -- teach them mindfulness.

I know, I know.

‘Learning’ is supposed to be all about reading, writing and sciences.

But honestly? 

Mindfulness is just as important for an HSC, if not more so.

Heck, even yoga and meditation can help them regulate their emotions, without feeling like they need to suppress them.

Staying grounded helps balance intensity.

Above all though, the best thing you can do to encourage your HSC and allow them to let their light shine, is to get help when you need it.

Parenting is tough.

And parenting a highly-sensitive child is even tougher.

It’s okay to need a hand.

We’re here to be that hand when you decide the time is right.

(Hint: If you’re reading this, the right time is probably now.)

Just click here to book some time with us.

Then we can walk you through a step-by-step game plan to help your kid shine bright, without letting their anxiety, overwhelm or anger get in the way of their (and your) life.

I can’t wait to speak.

Talk soon,

💚 Megghan



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