Do You Go 100/100 or 50/50 in Your Co-Parenting?


Tired of the tug-of-war?

Constant disagreements with your co-parent over your sensitive child? 

Fed up with meltdowns controlling your life because you can't agree? 

Frustrated with each day that passes as traditional tactics, gentle methods, therapy, you name it - nothing seems to work.

I get it. 

Frustration and doubt plague you both.

Divided parenting is draining.

The truth is, you’ve been set up for failure.

Both of you have.

You see other families thriving with tools like rewards charts and time-outs but those very strategies only backfire with yours, leaving everyone in tears. 

And while gentle discipline sounded great in theory too, peacefully redirecting them through feelings just isn't realistic in the nuclear meltdown moments nothing can defuse!

It's so confusing watching methods touted as perfect for every kid absolutely flop miserably with yours. 

No wonder arguing over "who's right" rages on endlessly - 

When both your tried and true tactics are dead wrong for meeting their unique emotional needs. 

And so the vicious cycle whirs on, with more fights and frustrations fueling future blow ups.

It feels never-ending!

Highly sensitive children need the collective support of both parents on the same page.

When your HSC gets mixed messages they feel confused and it breaks down trust.

Why? Because highly sensitive children take in the collective dynamic. 

You’ve heard me say it before, the meltdown cycle is a family dynamic problem. 

Not just a “you problem” or just a “kid problem.”

There is no 50/50 when solving this. In a two parent household it must be 100/100.

We know that’s easier said than done.

Here at MTC we have helped hundreds of families break this cycle for their family. 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be next.

No parent should have to tough this out alone with zero answers in sight. 

Help is out there - you've just been given the wrong map all along.

There is a better way forward. Book your call today.

Your kiddo deserves to feel seen, heard and held by the very adults meant to keep them safe. 

Their development depends on stability and trust, not a chaotic and confusing home front.

So hit that link above. 

We’ll talk in detail about where you’re struggling parenting, but more importantly, where you want to be. 

And how we can help get you there.

Talk soon,

💚 Megghan



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