Does my kid need a label?

Humans LOVE labels.

They can give us a sense of belonging.

Or justify our behaviors.

We can even take a label that was once negative, redefine and reclaim it, and flip it into a positive.

Just like with an HSC.

That ‘label’ helps people not see our child as a problem, or a nuisance, or just straight up badly behaved …

And instead, gives them a label that shows them as more unique.

In a way, diagnoses are labels too.

And these can be super useful.

Because a diagnosis can help you get access to much-needed support, both financially and emotionally.

But there’s also a dark side to diagnoses.

See, when a diagnosis turns into a negative label, that leads to limiting assumptions.

People assume an HSC is going to be short-tempered, easily upset, disruptive, or hard work.

In reality, your child might not be any of these at all.

(Especially if you’ve been working hard helping them with their coping skills.)

Yet to other people, that diagnosis of ‘highly sensitive’ puts a label on your kiddo, which may mean they get treated differently.

This is why you need to focus on your child as a whole, NOT as a label or diagnosis.

More importantly though, you need to help OTHERS do this.


One word: Advocacy.

You need to politely educate others, and act with compassion while keeping calm.

Too many parents get angry, or defensive or go into full-on “attack mode” when strangers (or even family members and friends) label their child.

I understand that.

It’s not easy.

But you don’t change hearts and minds by going to war.

You win people over by acting how you would want to be treated.

So sure, be passionate …

But don’t let your passion spill over into anger, or frustration.

Because calmness is your superpower in getting your kid the support they need.

Then when it comes to helping your child directly, show them how their voice matters.

Teach them to go beyond the labels, and that no diagnosis defines them.

You want to help them identify their strengths and their challenges.

And reinforce the fact they’re unique and amazing, not just “highly sensitive.”

There’s no stigma in a diagnosis.

But it’s not a reason for your kid to label themselves either.

So if you want to help them go beyond the labels, and have the courage and confidence to speak up for themselves, they need:

  • Encouragement
  • Advocacy
  • Confidence

And they’ll benefit from a helping hand from a professional, too.

At MTC, we’ve worked with hundreds of HSCs, who’d all been given some kind of label. 

Some of these kids brushed the labels off.

Some really struggled and constantly felt judged.

But every time, we’ve shown them how they’re more than just a label.

And when we’ve done that, they’ve developed the courage and confidence to speak up for themselves.

They’ve felt calmer and more in control.

And ultimately, they’ve eliminated the meltdowns, bonded better with other kids, and been able to thrive, both at home and at school.

I’d love to help you do the same.

Use the link above to book your call.

This call is free.

It’s a chance for you and I to talk, and see exactly where you’re at.

You can share your struggles, and together we’ll devise a game plan to end the meltdowns and bring you and your kiddo closer together. 

Then, if you want our help implementing that gameplan?

Awesome. We can talk about that.

If not, that’s fine too.

Either way, I urge you to book your call.

So go here and we’ll speak soon.


Talk soon,

💚 Megghan


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