Don't Rush to Fix Your Child's Problems (Do This Instead!)


It SUCKS to see your child struggle.

And because it’s painful when your kiddo’s stressed and upset, most parents make a huge mistake -

They swoop in the moment there’s any kind of distress …

… and they try to fix the problem.

That’s a big NO-NO.

“But Megghan, surely my kid needs me when they’re upset? 

You’re not saying I just leave them to ‘cry it out’ are you?”


I’m not saying that at all.

But at the same time, I know just how destructive overprotective parents can be.

I don’t mean they deliberately sabotage their child.

But unfortunately, trying to fix every single problem the moment it arises is a recipe for disaster.

See, your kid’s struggles are actually an opportunity for growth.

If they know you’re going to be there every single time something goes wrong, how emotionally resilient do you think they’re going to be?

The answer: Not very, I can tell you that for free!

So what do you need to do instead?

First - Validate their feelings.

When your child comes to you with a problem, take the time to listen and acknowledge their feelings.

This helps them trust you.

Plus, they see that you’re there to support them.

Even if you don’t understand why they're feeling the way they are, it’s important not to be dismissive. 

Next step - empower them.

You need to show them that they have the power to remove all that stress, anger, sadness, frustration, whatever it is.

This includes helping them develop:

  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Independence.
  • And giving them the space to make their own decisions (with your guidance, of course.)

When you do that, you’ll see your kiddo go from nervous, uncertain, and constantly clinging to you anytime something goes wrong …

… to calm, confident, and capable of managing any challenge that comes their way.

And the coolest part?

When you stop swooping in to ‘fix’ everything, and start empowering your child …

You can see changes in a matter of days.

That’s what we see with clients at MTC, anyway.

The hardest step for them is often ditching the “fix it” mindset.

But when they leave that at the door, and start thinking more long-term, the transformation is mind-blowing. 

They stop walking on eggshells …

Stop stressing that every tiny disruption will trigger a major meltdown …

And actually start to enjoy parenting again.

So look - If you're stressed and searching for a better way forward, I urge you to take the first step. 

Book a breakthrough call with me and my team today.

On this compassionate 45-minute call, we'll create an action plan tailored to your unique child. 

You'll walk away confident, with new insights into empowering your sensitive kiddo.

You don't have to struggle alone.

Take control of these challenges today. Reach out now to schedule your breakthrough call. 

Your kid isn’t broken.

They’re stronger than you think.

You just need the right strategy to draw that courage and confidence out of them.

This is the first step to giving your child the emotional resilience they need. 

I'm here to support you, so let's do this together.


“Yes Megghan, let’s talk.”


Talk Soon,



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