Embarrassed by Your Kid’s Meltdowns?

No matter how much we love our children... they can embarrass us.


Whether screaming in stores or rude behavior, it's difficult to watch.


On one hand, you never want your child to feel like they've disappointed you. 


You obviously don’t want your child to know you’re embarrassed of them. 


Yet harsh looks from other parents burn, and meltdowns in public feel like you’re put in a spotlight for the way you parent..


Take a breath. 


Acceptance is key. 


Feeling embarrassed is normal and human - forgive yourself as you forgive your kid for having the meltdown. 


What matters is your HSCs wellbeing, not others' perception of you. 


It is also true that it doesn’t have to be this way.


You can accept the emotions you are feeling.


You don’t have to accept the meltdown that is a result of a lack of skill to manage the emotions.


Your kid can learn how to control their behavior and stop having meltdowns.


No child wants to be miserable.


And the truth is, if your kid is throwing themselves on the floor in public or having meltdowns in general,


Something is wrong and they are trying to tell you that.


Highly sensitive children stuck in the meltdown cycle feel out of control of their own bodies and emotions.


When their emotions are running wild, your HSC isn’t going to learn a new skill.


Remember those feelings don't just magically shut off either.


Taking that moment to teach, or telling them to calm down simply won’t work.


So what can you do?


Firstly, stop living in dread waiting for the next meltdown.


Your highly sensitive child can sense you holding your breath waiting for them to misbehave.


Another thing to note is your kid is also embarrassed by their own meltdowns…


They’re just embarrassed in front of you and not the staring moms at Target.


Because your HSC cares what you think.


And if you are already expecting them to meltdown or act out…


They think this is something they already can’t change.


Because you made up your mind already.


But the meltdown cycle can be broken.


That’s where we come in.


Through our work with numerous families over the years here at MTC, we've seen first-hand the transformative impact of our strategies for stopping shame cycles and regaining emotional control.


Our team is here to help your family as well. 


We will partner closely with you & craft a tailored approach that empowers both you & your HSC.


You'll gain techniques for helping them articulate what's underneath, know it's okay to ask for help when they are overwhelmed, and self-regulate before tensions peak.


You have nothing to lose by booking your call with our team.


We’ll have about a 45 minute conversation about where you’re struggling parenting and where you want to be.


And if we are a fit to work together we’ll go over a step by step plan for how to get you and your family out of this shame cycle for good.

So grab a time slot here.


Talk soon, 

💚 Megghan


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