Halloween's Over Tonight and You’re Left Holding the (Candy) Bag

I'm not a doctor, but I do understand that what goes into your body affects how you feel. 

Kids are especially sensitive.

Mealtimes can be so hard to manage for HSCs, but keeping nutrition balanced is key for behavior and focus. 

As Halloween nears, many parents worry.

In my Facebook group the questions pile up:

"My son loves Halloween but crashes after all the candy - how can I avoid a meltdown?"

"Should I let them trick or treat if the sugar will trigger a meltdown?"

"We try limiting sugar normally but Halloween is tough. Do I risk a meltdown saying no or risk a meltdown from overload?"

It's a real dilemma. 

If your kiddo struggles after just a small treat, imagine their reaction after a whole bucket of candy!

Here's what I recommend - 

Talk to them about expectations. 

Set clear guidelines for how much they can have and make a verbal deal.

Even if more comes home, ration it out to prevent overload. 

This may not be ideal nutritionally, but it avoids a total refusal.

Just eliminating foods, dyes or sugar or doing your own elimination diet can backfire too though. 

You may not pinpoint triggers correctly or change too much at once, confusing or worrying them.

If the issues persist, see a doctor experienced with food sensitivities. 

They can design an approach tailored safely. No guesswork! 

But nutrition alone won't fix meltdown cycles - highly sensitive children need tools to cope.

Just like with nutrition, trust the experts to guide changes for your highly sensitive child. 

As with all HSC parenting, it's best not to guess alone.

That’s why we’re here.

We've supported hundreds of families to solve long term problems fast. 

Grab your spot on our calendar.

Let's look at what you're facing now, what you've tried, and customize a plan just for you both.

Handing it over to the experts means solutions fast.

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