I Refuse For My Kid To Grow Up Like I Did


Feeling inadequate as a parent of a highly sensitive child?

Fearing you’re failing at this crucial role?

The struggles of handling daily meltdowns, power struggles, and misbehavior are real.

Yelling might seem like the only solution, but guilt follows.

As a parent of a highly sensitive child, I know how exhausting it can be to feel like you’re failing at every turn.

Let me re-introduce myself.

My name is Megghan Thompson. I’m a retired child play therapist and transformational parenting coach with over 14 years of experience.

It was a long personal journey to become an expert, and I’ve made it my mission to shorten everyone else’s path to emotion regulation, resilience, and psychological safety in the home.

My team has helped over 700 families learn how to end daily meltdowns in a gentle, compassionate way…

…without yelling, punishing or coddling.

Parents hire us to teach them 5 emotionally intelligent shifts they need to make to help regulate their child, foster resilience, and find more joy and calm in their home.

I’m happy to walk you through the story of how I came to this expertise in this week’s show.

Click the link to learn more.


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