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NEWSFLASH: You don’t have to ‘cope’ with your child being different.

Because being different isn’t a problem.

In fact … It’s a GOOD THING.

I know that might sound weird.

After all, as parents of HSCs, you can often be judged because your kiddo doesn’t conform to social norms.

But when we work with parents here at MTC, we make sure our clients don’t just learn to ‘get by’ with an HSC …

… but actively CELEBRATE their child’s differences.

Now, you might be thinking -

“But Megghan, my child can be challenging. I love them soooo much …

But I don’t know how their challenges are an advantage?”

If that’s you, then here are 5 reasons to LOVE parenting an HSC:

Reason 1: They’re highly creative.

I guarantee your kid notices way more small details than the average child.

And while this might sometimes be frustrating if they stop for 20 minutes when you’re out walking to look at a bug, or a piece of dirt …

This attention to detail means they’re highly creative.

Lots of HSCs thrive when they’re given the opportunity to explore this creativity.

And that can help them channel their emotions and reduce meltdowns.

Not to mention give them one area where they surpass all other kids their age.

Reason 2: They have awesome memories.

Being detail-oriented goes hand-in-hand with great memory skills.

So they absorb more information from almost any situation.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to use that to your advantage next time you go grocery shopping and forget your list 😉 …

But this memory skill can serve your kid amazingly well in so many aspects of life.

Reason 3: They’re sensitive

Modern society often tells us NOT to be sensitive.

But we all know that’s nonsense!

Sensitive kids have the best, closest relationships.

And sensitivity is something people look for in partners, later in life.

Sure, right now, their sensitive nature might seem like a drawback, especially if it leads to meltdowns …

But long-term, I promise you, it’s a gift.

Reason 4: A lack of rebellion

Kids who aren’t unique, or who fit in with the crowd tend to stand out by rebelling, and arguing and shouting.

But where HSCs are unique, they can often stand out and get attention simply by tapping into their own gifts.

When channeled correctly, they get acknowledgement (from you, from your partner, from their teachers, and from your wider family members) for all the GOOD things they do.

And that means you’re way less likely to end up with a traditional rebellious teen.

Reason 5: Greater empathy

HSCs feel other people’s emotions a lot stronger than non-HSCs.

Again, at times, that can lead to meltdowns and an inability to process their feelings.

But if you can work through this, that empathy is like a superpower.

Whether they use this to make friends easier …

For a future career, where empathy is a necessary trait …

Or they simply become more caring and compassionate for those around them …

There’s literally no downside to being empathetic.

Now, knowing these 5 is great, but the question still remains -

“How do I help my kid cope with the challenges of being highly sensitive, while also recognizing and celebrating their unique benefits?”

Well, you can share the thoughts from this post with them!

Show your kiddo the superhero they are.

And encourage them to dive into the traits that give them all these amazing advantages.

Reframing can be powerful, too.

So when they’re next feeling stressed and anxious about all this extra emotion they have …

Walk them through how actually, this can be a force for good.

And doesn’t need to be something they feel bad about, or worry over.

As always, you can also book a call with our team.

Whether you’re new to the HSC world, and have only recently started researching how best to help your kiddo …

Or you’ve been struggling to know how to show up and give them what they need for years …

Everyone here at MTC is ready to help.

We have a few spots available for free calls this week.

So if you’d love some help, expertise and guidance on how best to support your kid …

Or you just want to talk through your situation, and discuss all the options we have to help you …

Pick a time here, fill in our brief application form, and we’ll talk to you real soon.

For families with high school age teens, book your call here.


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