Preparing for the Holidays or Holding Your Breath?


The holidays are a glorious time of food, family and gratitude! 

But for parents of HSCs, getting to that table brings worries and anxiety.

Last year plays on an endless loop - the dread building each November.

Canceled plans, disrupted meals, stress ruining moments meant for bonding.

Maybe you're still trying to coax your reluctant social butterfly out from their room to mingle. 

Or perhaps getting shoes on causes a meltdown because your highly sensitive child struggles with transitions.

Maybe that fall sweater Nana made doesn’t feel just right, so now there's threats to wear it and tears and screaming ensue.

Wherever you feel stuck in the holiday meltdown cycle, know you're not alone. 

Major changes in routine layer on stress, and highly sensitive kids feel it doubly. 

The meltdowns make family time a minefield.

Have you missed treasured traditions due to pre-meal meltdowns? 

Missing out on a food drive at your place of worship, where valuable charitable lessons get lost…

Or baking morning memories with Grandma that slip away as you struggle out the door…

The Thanksgiving meal presents its own challenges- not to mention the food pickiness… 

And Christmas is looming with added gift pressure. 

Are you really going to do this all over again in a few weeks?

Thinking about removing your kid from experiencing those warm moments because you’re not sure they will be able to remember them fondly?

Worried they may retain only guilt over difficulties following rules or connecting happily with loved ones at these occasions?

I get it.. who wants to remember family gatherings as meltdown trigger zones?

The pressure of "perfect family time" just builds more anxiety for everyone.

I’m sure that right now, protective instincts may tempt you into blaming or bracing for the worst. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

You can change your parenting strategy and still uphold your family’s boundaries and values. 

See, each meltdown masks an unmet need, your highly sensitive child is struggling trying to communicate the overwhelming sensations they are experiencing.

By better understanding your highly sensitive child's experiences, you will gain insight and patience.

Patient guidance will help foster healthier coping skills for your HSC.

With our expert support, you can teach your child how to:


  • Manage their emotions
  • Control their behavior
  • Tell you how they feel
  • Learn to ask for your help
  • And enjoy being presen

This season, choose restoring peace over suffering in silence.

Book your call with our team & start enjoying the holidays without dread. 

No more walking on eggshells or holding your breath, just smiles, meals and football!

On this call we’ll sketch out what customized support looks like for your unique family.

So go here, and grab your spot on our calendar.


Talk soon, 

💚 Megghan


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