Simple Steps to Build Social Skills With Your HSC

Do you DREAD family parties?

Does the thought of being invited out for a meal send you into a whirlwind of stress?

And would you rather do just about anything than navigate a new social situation with your child?

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing your answers to the above were “Yes, yes, and a great big … YES!”

That’s because dealing with social situations when you have an HSC is tough.

Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a big family party …

A smaller, more intimate meal or cookout …

Or even just playdates with one other kid.

Any parent of an HSC knows just how stressful these can be.

You’ve probably turned down more invites than you want to think about.

Or left places early so many times, people have stopped even bothering to ask you out anymore.

But the worst thing about all this?

The shame you can feel as your kid goes into a meltdown, or struggles to cope when others are around.

And hey, there’s nothing at all to be ashamed about here …

But still, you get self-conscious, right?

Because you feel like people are judging you, and your parenting?

Which ultimately means it’s just easier to stay home, where you know things will be more bearable.

So you miss out on making amazing memories as a family.

But that’s not what I want for you.

And it’s not what you want, either.

I want you to be able to say ‘yes’ to family reunions or birthday parties.

I want you to be able to meet friends, and for your kid not to just be okay … But to actually have FUN, and grow, and develop.

And I want you and your HSC to socialize, and have an amazing time around people you care about.

All this is 100% possible.

I truly believe that.

But to get to the stage where your kid actually enjoys new experiences and social situations, you need to do 4 things -

First up, you need to assess what specifically they’re struggling with, because there WILL be one specific thing.

They might just be anxious about being around large numbers of people.

Or maybe it’s communication they struggle with.

You need to pinpoint specifically what their worry is though, and work on tackling that.

Next up, you need to practice ‘graded exposure.’

What do I mean by this?

Well, you need to provide opportunities for social interaction.

Start small, by meeting just 1 or 2 people, and gradually build this up.

If your kid gets on just fine meeting with a couple of friends, try adding a couple more next time.

And if not?

Just stick at that level, or scale back a little until they are fine, before increasing the number of people, or the time you spend out of the house, or even trying something like a busier, noisier environment.

Next up, it’s all about developing social skills.

So work with them on things like active listening, or basic conversation skills, so they feel confident in answering and asking questions.

Remember - Positive reinforcement is KEY here.

You want your kid to feel good whenever they make progress.

And finally, you should consider getting support.

I’ve worked with over 600 families by now, and I don’t think I’ve met a single one who hasn’t struggled with social interactions.

Take Toni, for example.

She came to us with an HSC who was providing some serious challenges, especially in social situations.

But after working through our program, here’s what she said:

“We enjoy family dinnertime, everyone sitting at the table together. We laugh and eat and talk about our days.

Our HSC is able to go into a new situation and stay regulated …. And is enjoying play dates! He’s navigating social challenges with peers and persisting when it’s rocky. He’s having a blast and isn’t melting down during or after play dates! “

That’s the power of the right approach and the right support and guidance.

I’d love for us to help you with that.

So if that’s something you’d be interested in too …

⇒ Click here to book your free breakthrough session.

You don’t have to stay stuck, avoiding social situations or meeting up with friends and family.

If we can help 600+ families escape this isolation trap …

I know we can help you too.

All it takes to get started, is one phone call.

So go here, and let’s get you back to ENJOYING life again, not just grinding through every day.

For families with high school age kids, go here.


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